Principles of Electricity

Lesson 75 - The Beginning

This is only the beginning. This is where your experience and education about electronics begins. This is by no means the end of your learning. I can only hope that I have kindled a spark that will begin a burning in your soul - a thirst for knowledge that can never be quenched.

A wise man once challenged me. He said, "I have forgotten more about electronics than you will ever learn." He was wrong. I have not only learned all of what he knew, but surpassed him as technology advanced. I submit the same challenge to you. Do not let this be the last course in electronics that you ever take. There are many fine technical schools, academies and colleges. There are some excellent books and free ,public libraries. We now have the internet, which didn't exist when I began learning electronics. There is nothing that inhibits you from expanding your knowledge in electronics, physics, chemistry, pneumatics, or any other field you wish to choose.

If you haven't already, I would hope that you would visit at least one of my sponsors. Many of them are schools that would love to train you in electronics. Many are suppliers that have parts for you to build future products. ALL of them can help you to gain more knowledge about electronics and further your progress and your career.

You've finished this course. You can finish the next one. Set lofty goals, and work toward them. Determine what steps are necessary to reaching those goals and complete each of those steps one by one. Your success in electronics began here. Don't let it die here. Reach for the stars..... you may some day touch them.

I will be adding other courses to this one. Feel free to browse my site. Learn about computers, computer languages, Principles of mechanics, physics, and other things. Finally - tell others about my site. There WILL be more to come!

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